Nylacron™ is a registered trademark of Acorn™
Every Nylacron™ (cast polyamide) wheel is labeled to insure genuine Acorn™ product
specifications and quality.

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Nylacron and Cast Polyamide Wheels
NY/MD (black)
NY/HSB (blue)
NY/MC (white)

Nylacron™ Wheels (5 Types)
• Nylacron™ MOS2
Black, straight-sided wheels for caster applications (most popular type)
Nylacron™ Heat Stabilized Blue (NY/HSB)
Natural or blue, non-heat stabilized (FDA approved)
Nylacron™ Monocast (NY/MC)
Natural or blue, non-heat stabilized (FDA approved)
Nylacron™ Glass Filled: NY/GF (not shown)
Ultra High-Temp Nylon: ULT/NY (not shown)

Flanged Nylacron and Cast Polyamide Wheels

Nylacron™ Flanged Wheels
Single or double flanged in many sizes (especially well suited where steel wheels are currently in use)
Shown: Nylacron™ MOS2 Flanged Wheel (NY/MD/FL)

V-Groove Nylacron and Cast Polyamide Wheels

Nylacron™ V-Groove Wheels
Available in heat-stabilized blue, MOS2 or monocast. (black, natural or blue)
Shown: Nylacron™ Monocast V-Groove Wheel (NY/MC/VG)

Nylacron and Cast Polyamide Wheels Cross Section

Nylacron™ Wheels: Standard & Custom
Made to print for any industrial application up to 51” in diameter.
Shown: Nylacron™ Wheel Cross Section with precision ball bearings and center piece (Standard and stainless steel available)
End Caps (not shown) will vary with bearing ID and axle size.

Heavy Duty Nylacron™ Wheels are made of tough hard, highly compressed cast polyamide (NY/MD) or heat stabilized (high temp blue) to replace steel, phenolic, solid elastomer and urethane wheels where very high load capacities, floor protection, low rolling resistance, impact proof, corrosive resistance and floor conditions allow. The casting process increases the load capacity compared to injection-molded nylon and has better properties in regard to tension and pressure, modulus of elasticity, thermoform stability, coefficient of friction, flow properties and absorption of humidity.

Ergonomic: Extraordinarily easy to push - no more back aches - less power to tow.
Wheels: Wheel dampens shock and vibration thus reducing noise.
High Impact Strength: Resists fracture from repeated shock loads.
Higher Loads: Mechanical strength supports greater weight and allows better utilization in caster rigs.
Higher Resilience: Wheel returns to original shape without deforming when deflected by loads or rapidly applied stresses.
High Caster Ratings: Higher wheel ratings allow better utilization of caster rig ratings.
Floor Protective: Material does not damage floors and is lighter in weight than steel.
Longer Life: Shows minimal wear in extended use-resists abrasion,water and many hazardous chemicals.Ideal for stainless steel rigs applications.
Lower Maintenance: Sealed precision bearings and minimal wheels wear greatly reduces in-plant maintenance requirements.Only one type wheel needed.
Hardness: 112-120 Rockwell R
Temperature range: -30 to + 220 º F Continuous -30 to + 400 º F Continuous NY/HT (3” to 8”)


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Nylacron™ Wheels
by Acorn™

Acorn™ has been the leading U.S. manufacturer in the production of cast polyamides for any standard or custom caster and wheel application.



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