Acorn™ Wheels
With 2-D and 3-D CAD design and in-house CNC machining, Acorn™ has the ability to provide standard and custom wheels with sealed precision bearings for any application in any industry. Download our Wheel Selection Guide PDF or contact Acorn for more information.

Keyways for Iron Core Wheels
Keyways can be machined in most wheel sizes. The wheel hub diameter must be large enough to allow 1/4” of metal between the outside diameter and the bottom of the keyway. Because of the extra stress involved with keyed wheels, capacity ratings should be reduced by 50% and our normal warranty does not apply. Special smaller bores are available on some sizes to accommodate smaller shaft sizes. Download Keyways for Iron Core Wheels PDF for additional information.

Nylacron™ (cast polyamide) Wheels
Acorn Industrial Products has been the leading pioneer in the utilization of cast polyamides for caster and wheel applications in the USA since 1990 under the trademark name Nylacron™. Nylacron™ is a heat stabilized and stress relieved cast nylon 6 with MoS2 added to prevent premature wear. This feature makes Acorn’s Nylacron™ wheels unique in the industry. Download the Nylacron Wheels PDF.

Nylacron™ is a registered trademark of Acorn Industrial Products Co.
Every Nylacron™ wheel is labeled to insure genuine Acorn™ product specifications and quality.
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Nylacron™ Wheels
by Acorn™

Acorn™ has been the leading U.S. manufacturer in the production of cast polyamides for any standard or custom caster and wheel application.
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