Benefits of an Acorn™ In-Plant Caster & Wheel Survey

Simple Identification
The caster and wheel survey recommends a specific ordering number for each piece of rolling equipment in the facility.

The casters can be labeled with the replacement caster number and / or your stock number. There is no longer any need to take future caster measurements or look up old invoices to determine where they were last purchased or remember model numbers.

Reduction in Inventory
In many cases, we are able to consolidate the many sizes into fewer models and thus reduce inventory being carried for the same style cart or equipment.

Improved Performance
Many times, we find that the castered equipment is “under castered” (i.e. not heavy enough for the job.) The caster may not have enough load capacity for what the job requires. It may need kingpinless construction or the wheel may be the wrong type and damaging to the floors. We have even found employees complaining about difficulty in pulling or pushing equipment, which is easily resolved with Nylacron™ wheels with the right size precision ball bearings.

Ease of Buying
The survey shows the customer that he can buy all his caster requirements, for all rolling equipment, from one source with fewer orders and thus lowering ordering costs. Acorn™ keeps a complete record of all products sold to each customer in its database for quick and easy reference.

Less Down-Time
After the plant survey is completed and the models are selected for in-plant requirements, Acorn™ will stock all of these casters for SAME DAY SHIPMENT.

The In-Plant Survey costs nothing, offers ease of ordering and saves you money!
After the plant survey is completed, Acorn™ will provide a summary with all caster and wheel requirements and costs.

Acorn™ In-Plant Caster & Wheel Survey PDF
This PDF contains:
• In-Plant Caster & Wheel Survey
• Benefits of an Acorn™ In-Plant Caster & Wheel Survey
• Material Handling Basics
• Ergonomics & Safety
• Conversion Chart (Fractions - Decimals - Millimeters)

Benefits of the Survey

• Simple Identification
• Labeling
• Reduction in Inventory
• Improved Performance
• Ease of Buying
• Less Down-Time
• Costs Nothing!


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