Our Mission
Our mission is to cut production and maintenance costs with every product sold and perform each task easier, faster and with less cost in use for guaranteed better job performance and JIT delivery.

Since 1957
Acorn Industrial Products Co offers over 50 years of experienced field, technical and product application assistance. We offer full service before, during and after each sale with in-plant assistance. Acorn™ also offers demos and superior product specifications at all times for every caster, wheel, count & control system, machinery & equipment mount, metal working tool & component and material handing specialty component applications.

Every Product is Guaranteed:
• Safer
• Ergonomic
• Less Maintenance / Less Downtime
• Lower Cost In Use
• Better Performance for Longer Life
• Applies to All New and Replacement Parts, Casters & Wheels!

Nylacron™ Wheels
Acorn™ Industrial Products Co has been the leading manufacturer in the utilization of cast polyamides for caster and wheel applications in the USA since 1990 under the trademark name Nylacron™. Nylacron™ Blue is heat-stabilized and stress relieved cast nylon 6. This feature makes Nylacron™ Blue wheels unique in the industry. Click here to learn more about Nylacron™ Wheels. Every Nylacron™ wheel is labeled to insure genuine Acorn™ product specifications and quality.

Ergonomic Safety and Zero Maintenance:
Nylacron™ wheels replace cast iron, steel, stainless steel, phenolic, solid elastomer and urethane wheels in casters and wheels where the application calls for high load capacity, impact resistance, easy rolling as well as floor protection. Nylacron™ wheels are ideal for moist environments, washdown applications and can even be used completely submerged under water. The casting process for Nylacron™ increases the load capacity over Phenolics, has no fillers and the lowest coefficient of friction. Since Nylacron™ wheels are straight sided, a wide array precision bearings can be installed in the wheel hub for far better rollability under a full load with longer life. Ergonomic safety and zero maintenance define our Nylacron™ wheels.

Acorn's Production Facility & Capabilities:
Acorn has state-of-the-art CNC manufacturing and production facilities to produce standard and custom Nylacron™ wheels in both short and long runs as required. We can produce Nylacron™ wheels in any diameter up to 51” with sealed precision ball bearings (standard and stainless steel). Nylacron™ wheels are suitable for use in any caster rig presently in service or required in the USA. Acorn’s wheel division makes all its own bushings on CNCs to fit any wheel to the inside hub length of the caster rig.

Demonstrations / Quotes
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