Caster Pads
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Caster Pads

Caster Pads Caster Pads
Load Capacity 225-500 lbs
• A faster, easier, more efficient and economical way to attach top plate casters to trash containers and equipment (no welding or thru hole bolting required)
• Each caster attaches in seconds.
• Eliminates welding or bolting new replacements to bottom of container.
• Allows easy service replacement of casters in the field.

To install caster to pad, follow these 3 easy steps:
1. Snap caster into Fast-Lock Caster Pad
2. Insert Non-Slipping Pin in holes and turn into locked position
3. Attach Lock Washer and Nut to Pin and tighten for reinforcement.
• CP-02 (02 category top plate)
• CP-4-12 (04 category top plate)
• CP-4-16 (04 category top plate)
• CP-5-62 (05 category top plate)
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